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October 07, 2016


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Expect great tee times when your condo is around Wack Wack Golf & Country Club. It is one of the places you can be closer to nature amidst the busy streets of Ortigas Avenue and Shaw Boulevard. Well, getting a unit is a bit pricey and you need to play golf to get the most of it but did you know Wack Wack Golf & Country Club had humble beginnings?

How did Wack Wack get its name? According to the official website of city of Mandaluyong, the place was once a vast grassland inhabited by crows (Tagalog for uwak), hence, the name “Wack Wack.”

Going back, golf is known to be a sport for well-heeled individuals. Places like golf & country clubs are quite intimidating to look at; what more if you’re inside the postcard-like scenery with its rolling hills and green terrain? Or perhaps it has something to do with the exclusivity of the place where only paying members are strictly allowed.

This was not what William J. Shaw had in mind when he built Wack Wack Golf & Country Club. “Shaw was determined to build a golf club with the aim of promoting peace and harmony between golfers of all races,” Asian Tour explained. What, or rather, who triggered him to build a golf course?

It was because of Larry Montes, the first Filipino who won at the Philippine Open on 1929 which was held at Manila Golf Club. Montes was a caddy by profession at Muni Links. If there is one person who has an inborn talent of playing golf, it should be none other than Larry Montes. Nobody taught him how to swing a golf club; he just mastered it while he was a caddy.

However, Montes being a caddy didn’t sit well with the organizers. If not from the persuasion of Shaw and sponsorship of an unknown American, Montes would not be able to participate in the competition. Alas, he won but was asked to leave in the middle of the ceremony. This bigotry infuriated Shaw and it was then he decided to build another golf course in Mandaluyong where everyone could play regardless of race or ethnicity.

Nonetheless, the truth still remains that you need a lot of dough to play golf. Fortunately, Wack Wack is not just all about playing golf. Having a condo near Wack Wack Golf & Country Club gives you a chance to experience city life. Just travel a little around the area to experience other Mandaluyong City perks.

One of the advantages of living near Wack Wack is that you’re a drive away to three major access roads such as Ortigas Avenue, Shaw Boulevard, and EDSA. As you traverse one of these roads, you’re directed to various restaurants, malls and clubs. These commercial establishments are enough to satisfy your senses and cravings.

Indulge in to hours of window shopping at Greenhills Shopping Center, SM Megamall or Robinson’s Galleria. Spend your next payday and treat yourself at Burp, Punta Mandala or Bunk. Sing along with family or friends at KTV bars near the area and unwind with your colleagues at Metrowalk.

Expect awesome things to happen once you live at a condo which is just around Wack Wack Golf & Country Club or around Greenhills in general. You’ll surely have fun times ahead of you.

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