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Sources of Brokers to be Accredited
1. BNG Data List
2. Brokers Association (CREBA,PAREB,REBAP)
3. Tele-Marketing and Customer Service

Theses Prospect Brokers are invited for Orientation thru email or call and sometimes thru the active participation of BNG in different Brokers Gathering.

Orientation is divided into three parts:

1. Half Day
Project Orientation (Room Seminar) which covers:
a. Company Portfolio
b. Project Brief
c. Fill-up Application Form
d. Submission of Requirements
e. Contract Signing

2. Whole Day
Site and Showroom Orientation/Tour
a. Visits to all Projects
b. Appreciation of actual location, actual unit delivered (RFO)

3. Awarding of:
a. Accreditation Certificate
b. Showroom Pass
c. Distribution of Sales Kit, Flyers and other Materials
d. Invitation to like Facebook Page

Download and fill up the forms below:
Broker Profile PDF
Brokers Application Form PDF

For more Information, contact:
Broker Network Group
(02)988-7988 local 200